TBLC Refund Policy

General Principles

1.This policy applies to registration fees paid directly to the Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club either on line or in person.
2.The principle behind our refund policy is to allow a reasonable period of time following registration for parents/players to withdraw, while still safeguarding the long-term financial stability of our programs
3.TBLC commits to program expenditure based on registrations and these expenses are not recoverable to the program if/when a member withdraws.
4.All refund requests must be made in writing or Email to the TBLC Registrar by the individual who paid the fee(s) either via the club’s on-line or in person request for refund procedure. Please allow 2-4 weeks for refunds to be processed.
5.An administrative fee will be charged on approved refunds. The amount of set fees will be set annually by TBLC.
6.The final amount of any refund is at TBLC’s discretion or in special or extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the TBLC President.
7.TBLC shall not be responsible for any monies paid directly to a team, team coach, or team official and TBLC shall not entertain requests for any such refunds.
8.TBLC shall not be responsible for any monies raised and collected by teams through sponsorship or fundraising efforts and shall not entertain requests for any such refunds.



1.A paid registration fee shall be fully refunded in the event that TBLC is unable to field a team. No administrative fee shall be withheld in this case.
2.A paid registration fee shall be partially refunded (pro-rated) if a player must withdraw for medical reasons prior to the start of the program (must provide doctor’s note).
3.A paid registration fee shall be partially refunded (pro-rated) if a players family is transferred to a another province or country (proof of transfer required).
4.There will be no refund of registration fees once a player is registered and the season has started.
5.There will be no refund for a registration fee if a player is suspended or expelled under the OLA, OMFLL, or OWFL discipline policy or code of conduct rules.
6.Once player has attended workouts, practices, or tryouts there will be no refunds at any point thereafter if a player or parent disagrees with the player’s coach, team, or tier placement.
7.There will be no refund if a players withdraws due to medical reasons after the deadlines set out above with the exception of extenuating circumstance which must be presented and approved by the TBLC President.