Restricted Cross Checking

For the past 2 seasons we have implemented a ‘no cross checking’ rule in our lower age divisions (Paperweight, Tyke, Novice).  The goal behind this change was to provide an increased emphasis on passing and fundamental skills before progressing to the full contact game.

At the introductory levels, contact, known as ‘place-and-push’, is permitted.  For this season, we are pleased to have Reid Acton and his team to guide players in their understanding of how to deliver and receive this contact in a safe manner.  We will also provide introductory instruction on how to deliver and receive the next level of contact, referred to as ‘cross checking’.  This progression will provide players with the knowledge and skills they need to become confident, successful lacrosse players.

Also new this season, we will be implementing a 7-second rule whereby players will be able to maintain ball control for up to 7 seconds before they must pass to another player.  This will not only encourage passing and increase ball control skill development, but will help offset any advantage gained through reduced contact of the ‘place-and-push’ divisions.


Soft Laxno contactno possession rule
Paperweightno contact7-second rule
Tykeplace-and-push7-second rule
Noviceplace-and-push7-second rule
Peeweecross checking permittedno possession rule
Bantam/Midgetcross checking permittedno possession rule