Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club Coaching Philosophy

The TBLC coaching philosophy focuses on fun, participation, skill development, and team building.  To achieve these ideals coaches, managers, and convenors will:

  • Ensure that every player receives equal playing time
  • Emphasize team play and team development
  • Encourage parents to get involved in the team building process


TBLC coaches recognize that, as a coach of any group of children, they are a role model for each player.  Therefore, each coach will:

  • Strive to make the sport of lacrosse enjoyable
  • Respect all players as individuals
  • Be a teacher of skills and values
  • Be fair and promote fair play by respecting the rules and officials
  • Create a risk-free learning environment by being approachable, enthusiastic, and positive


Performance by our coaches will not be measured by a win/loss record, but by the interest, satisfaction, and pleasure reflected in the faces of the players and their parents.