TBLC Code of Conduct

Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club (TBLC) is a member club of the Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA). By
registering for any TBLC program every member of TBLC agrees to abide by the following Code of Conduct.

All individuals affiliated with TBLC shall:
I.Attempt at all times to work toward the goals and objectives of TBLC, the OLA, the game of Lacrosse, and toward the betterment of its members.
II.Strive to heighten the image and dignity of TBLC, the OLA, and the sport of Lacrosse as a whole, and to refrain from behaviour which may discredit or embarrass TBLC, the OLA, or the game.
III.Always be courteous and objective in dealing with other members.
IV.Strive to achieve excellence in the sport while supporting the concepts of Fair Play and Drug Free Sport.
V.Show respect for the culture, social, and political values of all participants in the sport.
VI.As a guest in another province or foreign country, abide by the laws of the host jurisdiction and adhere to any social customs concerning conduct.
VII.Refrain from actions, comments, or behaviours which are disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist, or sexist.  In particular, behaviour which constitutes harassment or abuse WILL NOT be tolerated and will be dealt with under the OLA’s Harassment Policy & Code of Conduct.